O kipos tis Agias

The restaurant O kipos tis Agias opened in August 2013. It is idyllically situated beside the church of Agia Theodora Vasta, Arcadia, in a lush, dreamy landscape just a few meters from the famous church of Agia Theodora which has 17 huge plane trees growing out of its roof. Here, you can enjoy homemade seasonal cuisine, freshly baked bread and traditional sweets.

​O kipos tis Agias opens early in the morning so you can enjoy your coffee or a soft drink, and stays open until late in the evening so that you can enjoy a delicious meal. All our dishes are made with loving care and with pure, fresh ingredients, and are based on traditional Greek recipes. Feel free to ask us about our specialties which we cook freshly every day!

Dionysius Diplas

Christos Diplas


A few words about Agia Theodora Vasta, Arcadia

Agia Theodora enjoys a magically beautiful site, and no one can fail to be amazed by its wonders as they look at the 17 huge trees which grow out of the church roof, without damaging the church at all, and at the water from an underground spring flowing by the church’s foundations.

​Thousands of pilgrims and other holidaymakers make their way to the church every year to see this unique sight and to experience one of nature’s inexplicable miracles for themselves.